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I’m Evelyn Skye, New York Times bestselling author, #1 Netflix film/literary collaborator, sugar fiend, and incorrigible optimist.

I used to be a corporate lawyer whose days were filled with boring, repetitive work and I felt unfulfilled. But one day, I realized that even small moments of creativity made me happier.

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  • Our Video Podcast: Interviews with incredibly successful writers about how they rose from obscurity and built their careers.

    • You’ll get conversations with authors like New York Times bestsellers Pierce Brown, Ali Hazelwood, Scarlett St. Clair, Alka Joshi, National Book Award winner Sabaa Tahir, and more.

    • I handpick these guests for you—not only because they’re talented, but also because they are genuinely wonderful people who will make you more creative, inspired, or happy.

    • Available in video, audio, and transcript formats

  • Scholarships for Aspiring Writers

    • $1,000 for mid-career adults to put toward writing education (classes, conferences, etc.)

    • $2,500 for a high school senior who is a promising writer, to put toward college tuition

  • Creativity Mini-Challenges - quick, whimsical exercises to spark your creativity and make you smile

  • Our Book Club for Writers & Curious Readers

    • for Writers who love reading and want to examine stories more closely, and

    • for Readers who are curious about why they feel the way they do about a book

      • Book discussion (30-45 min)—What makes this book tick? We’ll talk about things like whether the plot worked and if not, why not? Where was the pacing great and where did the tension dip, and why? And why do some people love Character A but others hate him, while Character B is universally adored?

      • Bonus Writers’ Chat (30 min): After the book discussion, we’ll have an optional hangout to share what we’re working on, ask each other for advice on writer’s block or finding a literary agent or doing book publicity, etc.

  • Glimpses Behind-the-Scenes of a Bestselling Author’s Life: my book tours, a movie premiere, diary entries, and thought-provoking essays about Creativity, Inspiration, and Happiness

  • Creativity VIP chat group: a private, backstage hangout space for subscribers

    • submit questions for upcoming podcast guests

    • ask other writers for advice

    • share your writing, and more!

  • Protagonist Spotlight & Happiness Sprinkles - Each month, I’ll feature a few books or essays that you have loved or written. If you have something you want to share with the community, just let me know! I also share my favorite “things worth smiling about” in the current month.

  • Exclusive Gifts and Bonus Content from my books—in the past, I’ve gifted limited edition art prints and personal, handwritten postcards from Paris when I was on book tour there.

When Will I Get New Content?


  • 2 - 3 new video podcast episodes each month


  • the other good stuff listed above

End of the Month: Book Club for Writers & Curious Readers

  • live meetings (usually) on a Sunday at the end of the month

  • recordings available on the Tuesday after

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About me:

Evelyn Skye is the New York Times bestselling author of many novels, including One Year Ago in Spain and The Hundred Loves of Juliet. She also wrote Damsel, a groundbreaking literary and film collaboration with Netflix. Damsel stars Millie Bobby Brown, Angela Bassett and Robin Wright and debuted as the #1 movie globally on Netflix. Evelyn’s books have been published worldwide and translated into sixteen languages.

Evelyn is a graduate of Stanford and Harvard Law School. Prior to her bestselling career as an author, she was an intellectual property and mergers & acquisitions attorney at renowned international law firms Latham & Watkins and Weil, Gotshal & Manges. She has led intellectual property legal teams on billion dollar mergers as well as structured complex technology licensing transactions. Evelyn’s clients included Fortune 100 companies and many of the world’s top tech firms.

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